Flirting With the Universe

by The Rainmakers

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This was the first self-produced Rainmakers album and won a Gold CD award in Norway.


released August 1, 1994

Produced and engineered by The Rainmakers

Steve Phillips
guitar, vocals, keyboards, dulcimer

Bob Walkenhorst
guitar, vocals, keyboards, harmonica

Rich Ruth

Pat Tomek
drums, vocals

Recorded August 1993–April 1994
in Steve’s basement, Kansas City, Missouri

Songs by Bob Walkenhorst © 1994
Bob Walkenhorst Music BMI
“Window” and “Wilder Side”
by Steve Phillips © 1994
Webelo Ya-Ya Music BMI

Special thanks to:
Larry Brewer, Ed Treese,
Alan Rommelfanger, David Troutman,
Yngwe Næss, Elly Joys,
Roar Gulbrandsen, Jørn Johnsen,
and all our friends at PolyGram Norway,
and especially to our families
for their love and patience.

Photography: Melvin Brown and Mike Freeman

Layout: Pat Tomek



all rights reserved


Rainmakers Kansas City, Missouri

The Rainmakers have released 11 full length albums since 1986, and continue to play in the US and Europe. If you missed out the first time around, here is your chance to catch up on some of the finest in heartland rock'n'roll.

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Track Name: Another Guitar
I met her in a bar, naturally
and naturally
she wanted to dance
I politely declined, naturally
I said I really hate this band
we went for coffee at a little café
I had more picks in my pocket
than I had spare change
she said hold it right there
just stop where you are
not another guy
not another guitar

couldn’t get her off of my mind, naturally
and so naturally I gave her a call
someone else
answered the phone, naturally
then I recalled that
she lived with her ma
I said do you have a daughter that’s the fairest by far
she said who shall I say’s calling
who shall I say that you are
tell her loverboy’s here
and could I borrow her car?
oh, not another guy
not another guitar

she said you boys of song
you’re all the same
chasing a dream
that you cannot name
a shoulder to cry
a sofa to crash
a meal and a mama
with no strings attached
she said you son of a song
know better I should
but you know how to make it all sound so good

well, to make a long story short, naturally
we fell in love
and she done me wrong
she’ll say the same about me, naturally
but to my face
and not in a song

we’re both gonna make
that same old mistake
again someday
it’s gonna happen to her
it’ll sure ’nuff happen to me
there’s just something
in that music that makes us
do that dance
in that special brew of tears and beer and fear and romance
hey, it’s losers’ night in Teen Town
bring your fake ID
you know you’re never too young to be too old for me
and I’m never too bad to be more trouble than I’m worth
just another sad angel singing to the sad earth
well, it’s another long night
it’s another low moon
it’s another long line
to hear another old tune
it’s another long glance across another long bar

another girl
another guy
another guitar
well I’m just another guy
with another guitar
Track Name: Width of a Line
somewhere under
this moon tonight
my lover is holding
my shadow tight
she doesn’t know my face
or know my name
but she hears my melody
all the same
and we move slow
dancing in her dreams

we’ve glanced on corners
we’ve passed on stairs
we’ve nodded on the narrows
to who knows where
crossed our paths
on crowded streets
we’ve been so close
someday we’ll meet
when times are right
and stars align

but ’til then we’ll dance
let’s dance on the width of a line
where a heart meets heart
mind meets mind
and love’s in the air
it could be everywhere
someday we’ll walk
let’s walk on the edge of the world
our bodies in balance
our dreams endure
where love is the width of a line

is there an ounce of a child
left in her heart
is there one last untamed
untouched part
can I fan those flames
she’s so scared of
love her like she’s
never been loved?
is there a drop of a dream
I can still believe
can she mend my tear
weave my sleeve
wrap me in
true colors proud
muffle my drum
when it bangs so loud
hear the drummer, let’s dance


she’s sittin’ at home
with her radio on
to that mystery station
that nobody owns
I’m plugged I’m wired
I’m tuned I’m hopin’
I’m the wolfman of love and
the lines are open

come on, come on, let’s dance

Track Name: Fool's Gold
I heard you telling your friends
aw, he’s harmless enough
there’s almost nothing
you could’ve said
that would have hurt me so much
but how to risk all you got
oh, I forget, you forgot
or you’d see that
harmless is one thing
I’m most certainly not

it’s all fool’s gold, my dear
it’s all fool’s gold, my dear
it’s hardly ever like you think
it’s almost always like you fear
it’s all fool’s gold, it’s all fool’s gold

when we were young
we went dancing
to a band at the Rink
they were so far out
of tune and time
and they didn’t even blink
they were the best in the world
as far as we were concerned
I heard them two years on
it was amazing
what they’d learned
twice as cool, twice as fast
twice as loud, twice as long
they were at least twice as good
and about half as much fun

it’s all fool’s gold, my dear
it’s all fool’s gold, my dear
it’s not so much what you know
as what you believe to be so
it’s all fool’s gold, it’s all fool’s gold

I was in traffic by a man
reading a book while he drives
he couldn’t
stay between the lanes
he couldn’t
read between the lines
so I ran him off the road
the first chance that I got
see, harmless is one thing
a little knowledge is not

it’s all fool’s gold, my dear
it’s all fool’s gold, my dear
oh, sometimes the facts
can make the truth disappear
it’s all fool’s gold, it’s all fool’s gold

I think God honored my oath
and He one day struck me blind
because I can’t see the forest
for the matchsticks sometimes
oh, if ignorance is bliss
I’m the happiest man alive
I do so want to believe
I’m so damn dumb sometimes
I imagine politics and love
where neither exists
mistake the handshake
of friendship
for the hate-shaking fist
it’s like the Lost Dutchman mine
it’s a fictional claim
but we’ve no other choice
than to keep mining that vein

it’s all fool’s gold, my dear
it’s all fool’s gold, my dear
it’s hardly ever like you think
it’s almost always like you fear
it’s all fool’s gold, it’s all fool’s gold
Track Name: Window
takin’ in the sights
from my window seat
from the Third World poor
to the land of the free
back at home it’s tony night
in Tinseltown you know it
don’t mean nothin’ to
the down and out

from my window
window to the world
from my window
window to the world

some people born with
a Bible in their hand
spend their life and money
lookin’ for the promised land
some people only know
what they see on tv
some people say it’s just
part of the plan


lookin’ out my window
on a busy street below
three in the morning
someone somewhere’s
takin’ a blow
the girls move in circles and
the drunks spin in loops
there’s a jinxed walk to nowhere
that the dealers do
and it’s a tightrope
just don’t look down
every day of life we’re walkin’
that shadow line

Track Name: View From the Tower
when we were youngsters
me and little brother
slip out the bedroom window
slide down that gutter
made our way
through the darkness
through the alleys
and the shortcuts
climb that ladder
up the water tower

we used to sit
and dream them dreams
of how our lives would be
as we grew older
dreams of glory and power
everything looked smaller
and at the same time taller
stretched on forever
the view from the tower

big river was rolling
seven year flood flowing
winds of war a-blowing
icy cold and snowing
boys grew into men then
right there and then then
little brother headed one way
and I went the other


little brother dug in deeper
as my climb grew steeper
while he was building him a home
I built a tower of my own
we used to glimpse one another
across the wide rolling river
turn our gaze from each other
pretend we didn’t remember


I went down to the river
found a note in a bottle
read it there by the water
it said “I miss my brother”
I went and got my hammer
tore down my tower
built a raft and a rudder
sailed across that river
I went and found my brother
his children and their mother
never more will I wander
never more will I wonder

Track Name: Greatest Night of My Life
it was a one night stand
with a rock’n’roll band
in a big old room
with a sonic boom
there were a thousand chairs there were twenty-five there
and the band felt blue
I guess I did too
but we played and played
and when we walked off the stage
I swore I’d just jammed with God
it was the greatest night
of a young boy’s life
but the band just thought
I was odd
you never know who
might be watching you
on the greatest night of your life

there was a little old town
I left and I loved
it was one mile square
mighty quiet there
I split for the skies
grew weary and wise
out casting my pearls
all over the world
and I climbed so high
nearly ruined my eyes
trying to see what I could see
and what I saw
was that little old town
was all the world I’d ever need
the truth like a stone
will come crashing home
on the greatest night of your life

there was a girl I loved
in that little old town
we were the best of friends
odd even for then
but we went our ways
and she changed her name
and she changed her tune changed faces too
and I tried like mad
to recreate what we had
but it wasn’t meant to be
and when I finally gave up
that I’d never know love
she was standing
right in front of me
love will arrive
in its own good time
on the greatest night of your life

thanks for being here with me
on the greatest night of my life
Track Name: Wilder Side
dreamin’ in my sleep
about the people that I meet
everyone that’s got
a ticket to ride
everyone was there
every one aware
the angels and the devils
were out on the town
we rocked the house last night

well we don’t know
where we’re goin’
and we won’t ’til we arrive
anything can happen
when worlds collide
turn me onto your wilder side
turn me onto your wilder side
turn me onto your wilder side

back when we were young
green and open eyed
you were the queen of everything
my love for you bona fide
the journey is the destination
we’re takin’ a trip through time
we’ll see the world
and the flesh together
we can be home by supper time

well we don’t know
where we’re goin’…
Track Name: You Remind Me of Someone
you remind me of someone
I don’t know who
an old familiar face
maybe a lover
from my wilder youth
or my mother in her younger days
maybe in a former life
I was a serviceman
and you were my wife
you remind me of someone
I don’t know who
maybe it’s better that way

you remind me of someone
I don’t know who
it’s, uh, Georgia O’Keeffe, yeah
in your desert of shape and hue
bleached bones and silent grief
the way you stare off into space
and see only what
you want to face
you remind me of someone
I don’t know who
someone who’s a lot like me

did anybody ever tell you
that you look
a little like a Mary Cassatt
a mother and child,
arranged, estranged
a mere brush stroke apart
while underneath your varnish
hides an unpossessible soul
you remind me of someone
I don’t know who
somebody who’s so hard to know

you remind me of someone
I don’t know who
maybe the ghost
of things yet to come
or the shining eyes
of my daughter dear
still waiting to be born
or the loving gaze of Mother Earth
still flirting with the universe
you remind me of someone
I don’t know who
somebody I
somebody I could learn to love
Track Name: Little Tiny World
I was hanging around London doing TV
I was singing my heart out
on the BBC
a little girl stopped me
on the street, I thought
to ask for my autograph
and tell me I was hot
she said with a twang
I thought I recognized you
you used to pump my gas
back in old KC Mizzou

it’s a little tiny world
it’s as funny as can be
everybody’s yucking it up
come on this laugh’s on me

I went to a party
with my new girl when
we got there we ran into
four of her old boyfriends
one was with my ex-wife
one was with my gay brother
one was with my masseuse
one was with my date’s mother
seemed most everybody there had slept with everybody else
when I figured it all out
I figured I’d slept with myself

it’s a little tiny world
just like a little tiny town
everybody knows
everybody’s business
and everybody knows mine’s down

well, my ex-wife
she’s got a little baby girl
a good job and a Saab
and a New Age world
I really can’t blame her
for running off with him
I’d like to marry him too
that is if I liked men
we were wedded for life
she’s stuck in my craw
but I wish all the best
to my new husband-in-law


I was stranded in paradise
on an island all alone
I had everything I wanted
but I just wanted to go home
Wrote a note in a bottle
and I threw it in the drink
It was on recycled paper
biodegradable ink
And I waited for weeks
for that answer I yearned
Don’t throw your crap in the ocean no deposit no return

Track Name: Mystery Road
I used to go ride
down Mystery Road
roll open my window
turn off my radio
hear voices on the wind
melodies humming low
and hymns wrote themselves
like God only knows
but tonight I opened my window
the only sound that I heard
was the silence of the stars
flapping wings of a night bird

and I realized
it was a song that I knew
I recognized
the sound of me
running from you
I wonder why we want to try
to travel alone
come take a drive
down Mystery Road

there’s two stories of life
that contain all the facts
one’s told to your face,
the other’s told to your back
which one to believe
well that’s all up to you
also to decide
which one will come true

is it the one where love
is the pounding of a drum
a lone soldier on a hill
an army of one
is it the one where love
is a peace between two
a harmony


we're traveling
we're traveling down Mystery Road

I put my ear to the track
I hear the rhythm of the rails
hear the pounding of the hooves
feel life on the trail
I feel the rain on my face
I hear the thunder’s loud peal
hear the bells of Trinity ringing out over the fields

and I realized
it was a song that I knew
I recognized
the sound of me running to you
we harmonize, no compromise
to live note by note
come take a drive with me
down Mystery Road
Track Name: Spite
we’re all growed up
we’re all gone wild
we all been beat like a stepchild
I’d help you save the world
but I’m busy that day
one foot on the gas
and the other in the grave
in spite of everything
it’s pretty good to be alive

in spite of you in spite of me
in spite of everything
it’s pretty good to be alive

I seen dreams die
I seen folks hated
seen the devil’s slogans
seen figures of authority
saying bad is good
I seen the 6 o’clock news
in my own neighborhood
in spite of everything
it’s pretty good to be alive


I been heartbroke
I been ball-busted
been short-changed
I been mistrusted
been slandered in the streets libeled in the press
I been embarrassed
in the bedroom
buggered by the best
in spite of everything
it’s pretty good to be alive


there’s a camouflaged tank
sitting rusting in the dump
there’s a camel in the desert
with oil in his hump
the temperature’s rising
people hiding in the shade
the ice cap’s melting
we’re making lemonade
in spite of everything
it’s pretty good to be alive